Our Fee Structure Delivers Affordability
In sum and substance, BLANK PATENT Services offers our clients maximum value and affordability. We are structured to run lean, directing our resources away from cosmetic overheads and toward delivering a higher standard of service excellence. When fees are a primary consideration, we are clearly the first choice for IP/patent services.

Regardless of the opportunity present, BLANK PATENT Services fee structure sets a new standard of affordability without compromise. No matter how you measure our fees, we are patently unique.

The following is a generalized summary of our unmatched fee structure:
  • The Standard Hourly Attorney Rate charged is $200 per hour.
  • The Standard Clerical Rate charged is $50 per hour. 
  • Rate reductions of up to 50% may be negotiated for small entities and governmental agencies.
  • Each request for IP/patent support services is unique. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If hours exceed estimate, BLANK PATENT Services will absorb the cost of the additional time, thereby capping the costs to maximize affordability. If used hours are less than expected, the client will be billed only for the actual hours used.

Please note: The highly variable nature of the patent process and the large, diverse number of necessary interim work products often required to support the preparation, submission and prosecution of a patent application, make it difficult to specify exact costs prior to performance. Deviations from estimated costs will always be discussed and approved with the client prior to incursion. There will be no hidden charges.